Our Role in Conservation

“… if you realise your unique conservationist role, we are happy, if you are empowered to live a conservation lifestyle, we are blessed, if you are a converted conservationist, heaven!”

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge management realise that the success of Buffelsdrift Game Lodge as a tourist destination is squarely founded on the contribution of the captivating beauty of the Klein Karoo.  The foundation was born from this humbling realization and a vision grew to bring harmony between humans and nature.  Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, as founder is committed to the Buffelsdrift Foundation as guardian and funder.

The vision of the foundation is to allow every person to discover their own unique conservation role and purpose and to empower individuals to live a conservation lifestyle.  We believe that it is the small gestures and actions, by many, that will cause a ripple effect and save the world for generations to come.  We know we have not, and will never completely arrive, but know that no step forward is too small, if we are sure we are taking it towards a worthy dream.

At the Buffelsdrift Foundation, this purpose and vision are built on the following guiding values and principles which are used to keep us focussed and in line with who we are.

Our Principles:

  • Everybody is a potential conservationist
  • We educate and empower
  • We understand first, before we do
  • We don’t compromise on harmony between humans and nature
  • We focus and persevere


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Humility/willingness to learn
  • Quality
  • Serving heart

 “We exist to empower ordinary people to protect nature by creating a conservation lifestyle among them.”