Eco-Ambassador Package

“The ultimate South-African volunteer experience”

Why cooperate

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge and Global Serving Hands (GSH) recognize a shared passion for conservation and social upliftment and want to involve volunteers to share this passion. Our aim is that it may lead to a lifestyle change with a broader worldview for a better future.

In a joint effort, we can create a fascinating All-inclusive package in Oudtshoorn and offer the volunteer the experience of becoming part of our diverse South- African culture. The volunteer will be fully committed to the projects and get in touch with:

  1. Social Development
  2. Cultural Development
  3. Wildlife
  4. Sustainability
  5. Conservation

Both organisations have extensive experience with volunteers in their own fields of expertise: Buffelsdrift is the expert on Wildlife, conservation and sustainability, and GSH is the expert on social, cultural and educational awareness.

What’s the deal?

The strength of the package is that the entire organisation of the volunteer experience takes place under one roof, which keeps it simple while keeping high standards of service and reaching for exceptional experiences. The basic package is as follows:

  • 4-week voluntary work package consisting of:
    1. 2 weeks focus on social and cultural development at a school, retirement home or community project organised by and under the supervision of GSH
    2. 2 weeks focus on wildlife and conservation at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge.
  • Working days from Monday-Friday, and Saturday – Sunday is open for own initiatives
  • The total package includes:
      • transport from and to George airport
      • accommodation
      • 3 Meals per day
      • Snacks & Beverages for own account
      • back-up/guidance/ support
      • mediation between volunteers and project


That the organisation with which the volunteer starts their program, will be responsible for the pick-up at George Airport. The organisation with which they end their program will be responsible for the transport back to George Airport. The transport (“the switch”) between the two programs will be arranged accordingly.

Benefits of a joined package:

You “the volunteer” will benefit from exposure to a broader spectrum of our lifestyles. You will get a chance to make a difference in various surroundings while gaining cross-cultural experience and broadening your worldview.

In this complete package, you will meet numerous people from different backgrounds, social as well as professional, and will find yourself in awesome places.

For you, this cooperation means a worthwhile adventure organised with ease within a trusted network.


The package rates will work as follow:

Oct 2023 – Sept 2024

4 Week Package Total: R 45 220.00

Oct 2024 – Sept 2025

4 Week Package Total: R 49 700.00

Oct 2025 – Sept 2026

4 Week Package Total: R 54 740.00

You are more than welcome to extend your stay at any of the organizations, it can be arranged beforehand.

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