Community Outreach

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is involved in the community by helping a local underprivileged primary farm school. The children in the school come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Vrederust school Project

Community upliftment-As a truly South African Foundation and true to the preamble of the constitution of South Africa to “…improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person” the foundation is committed to contributing to the community.  Buffelsdrift Game Lodge has been involved in supporting local education of underprivileged children for many years and is building on this to change lives and to empower children.

The Buffelsdrift Foundation is investing back into the local community by the involvement in a local pre-primary school, Vrederust. The school is situated in the valley of Schoemanshoek, surrounded by the beautiful Swartberg Mountain range. The children attending the school range from the age 0 – 6yrs and the Foundation assist in the daily needs such as food, stationery, toiletries and general maintenance.  There are three lovely teachers and about 55 children attending the school during week days.  School starts early in the morning and every age group have their own education program they follow to prepare them for primary school. Vrederust does not only prepare the children for primary school, but also establishes the importance of routine that helps with stability in their later lives. The teachers prepare three meals a day for all learners and provide them with a safe and stimulating environment where they can learn and play. It is truly a joy for each learner to attend school at Vrederust pre-primary.

Our Foundation will find it difficult to support this beautiful project without the continuous support from our sponsors.

we are a community driven organisation