Benefits of being a Eco-Ambassador

 Without the time, sweat, energy and financial contribution of Eco-Ambassadors, conservation at Buffelsdrift would not be possible.  By volunteering you become an integral and significant part of our conservation legacy. The benefits are vast and continue to expand and we are thrilled with the progress to date.

Thus far, through the valuable contributions of voluntourists at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, we actively contributed to preserving the meta-population of the cheetah, we enabled the preservation of free-roaming elephants in the Mangetti; we are continuously supporting local farm schools, educating several forums regarding mitigation of animal wildlife conflict, etc.  For more information on our projects please visit

By being a Eco-Ambassador, you become an integral and significant part of our conservation legacy!

Skills you will acquire and/or enhance

  • The proper use of telemetry tracking equipment
  • The use of hand-held GPS devices
  • How to identify wild life species
  • How to set up and use camera “traps” to monitor certain species
  • How to track animals using traditional methods like the identification and following of animal spoor
  • How to collect and analyse data
  • An understanding of conservation and issues of human animal conflict

By taking on this Eco-Ambassador challenge you will increase confidence in your unique ability to make a difference.  You will gain leadership, teamwork, and relationship skills.  Learn about self-management and learn to apply the skills you already have, more effectively.

You will also meet people from different walks of life, get the opportunity to make lifelong friends, and enjoy the benefits of communal living.

Ultimately, we dream that you will gain a conservation mindset.