Your support makes it possible for us to keep on working towards bringing harmony between nature and humans, as well as changing lives of people who converted to become conservationists.


We believe that conservation starts with each person’s small action, but the impact is seen through the combined efforts of many.  Therefore, we actively engage all walks of the community in our effort of conservation.  We take hands with Cape nature, Farmers, communities, NGO’s and government.  We believe in making a difference and to steer clear from bureaucratic talk and no walk initiatives.

This element will also help us to mitigate human/animal conflict through the exchange of knowledge to the local community.

How to become a conservationist

Empowering every person, we come in contact with is our dream and we want to answer each overwhelmed person’s question “What can I do for conservation” or “How to start to become a conservationist”?  Here are our ten top easy conservation tips:

  1. Plant something – anything.
  2. Mulch around plants to hold water in the soil.
  3. Compost food scraps.
  4. Put faucet aerators on sink faucets and use a low flow showerhead.
  5. Put a stone in your toilet reservoir to decrease the water used per flush.
  6. Make a positive contribution – don’t litter, pick up litter.
  7. Take your own bags to the shop and reuse your shopping bags.
  8. Install solar panels.
  9. Put lights off that you do not use.
  10. Use rechargeable batteries.

we value your support